Panel Questions

How do I join?

To join Core4 you will firstly need to be a registered member of Channel 4. Once you have completed the Channel 4 registration form, you will be able to sign in through the Core4 site and will then be askecd to take a short profiling survey. Once you've done this, your profile will be live and we will be able to send you surveys.

How often will I be invited to take part in a survey?

Once you have completed our registration survey we will invite you from time to time to participate in surveys. Under normal circumstances you will be sent approximately 2 surveys a month. We know your time is valuable and we will inform you of the survey length in our email communications with you. To participate, click on the link that will be provided in the email and follow the instructions.

How often may I participate in any one survey?

We treat Core4 as professional market research. Therefore our surveys are by invitation only and to ensure the highest standards of professional research you can complete any given survey only once.

How will I know if there is a survey for me to complete?

We will send you an email invitation with a link to a survey. Under normal circumstances we will not contact you more than once per week. You are under no obligation to participate in any survey. However, if after several attempts you do not participate in any surveys, we may consider you an inactive member.

What's in it for me?

Core4 is an opportunity to have your say and ultimately contribute to the future development of our channels. Your feedback from the surveys will go towards making real improvements to the service that we provide. There will be a monthly prize draw for participating in surveys and you may also have the opportunity to take part in competitions and ad hoc prize draws.

How do I change / update my profile?

Make sure you are logged in, click on 'Edit profile' on the Core4 homepage, make the amends and then click on 'save changes'. If you want to update anything related to your Channel 4 registration, you will need to do so directly on the Channel 4 site.

Do I need to login more than once each time I visit?

No, you just need to log in to Channel 4 once when you visit the site. You may be logged out after a period of inactivity and you may need to log in to Channel 4 again.

Do I need to login each time I visit the Core4 website?

If you have ticked the box 'Keep me signed in to 4' when signing in to your Channel 4 account then you should not be logged out of Core4, unless there is a period of inactivity as previously mentioned.

What if I delete my Channel 4 account?

Unfortunately, you must have a Channel 4 account in order to be a panel member on Core4, so if you delete your Channel 4 account, you will be removed from the Core4 panel.

Technical Questions

Web browsers

The following browsers have been tested and found to show no serious problems: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11, and latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari for OSX/iOS.

Monitor resolutions

We recommend you have a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 for desktop computers.

General Questions

I have registered but have not yet received a survey

We don't always send every survey out to every panel member. This is to avoid overloading your inbox and we tend to target different surveys to specific types of panel member, based on their profile. You can log in whenever you like to complete a Poll or view the Newsfeed.

Sometimes surveys are closed after only a few hours. Why?

On rare occasions we conduct surveys which require results virtually immediately. This means we have only a few hours to gather responses from you.

Who reads the findings?

The findings of the surveys are accessed by Channel 4 and eDigitialResearch staff.

Did you receive my survey?

If you received a "Thank you" message after you clicked the "Finish" button at the end of the survey, your survey data was received with no difficulties.

What happens to my personal information and the answers I give?

You can be assured that all the survey information you give us will remain anonymous and completely confidential at all times. We will not sell your data on to third parties. For details, please see the eDigitalResearch privacy statement.

How do I cancel my membership?

As a member of Core4, you will receive our email invitations to complete surveys. If you change your mind, when you receive an email invitation you can click the hyperlink at the bottom of the email and you will no longer receive survey invitations. You can also unsubscribe by visiting your profile via 'Edit profile'. Unsubscribe requests take effect immediately.

What do I do if I need help with Core4?

If you experience a technical problem with Core4, please email us at

Core4 Forums

What are the Core4 Forums?

The forums are a place for you to share your views on a variety of topics that are chosen by Channel 4.

How do they work?

The forums are like message boards; use the 'Reply' button under any topic or post to add a reply or new thread to the discussion. Your username and the image attached to your profile will display next to every post you make.

Who decides what topics to post?

The moderator will post the topic and then you are free to discuss it with whoever else is online. If the focus of the topic is completely moving away from the original post, then the moderator may decide to post a comment to address this. However we believe in letting you have your say so we will only do this where completely necessary.

How are the comments I post used and how private are they?

A copy of the posts you make may be supplied in full to Channel 4; however we will only include your username and in some cases some demographic information about you such as age or gender. Core4 is completely confidential and anonymous so your personal details such as email address and name will not be passed on with your posts.

Who are the forums for?

The forums are only for Core4 members. You will be personally invited to join forums as they involve topics that we believe you have an interest in. We may occasionally run a forum that is open to all.