Core4 is our online opinion group where we are looking for you to help us understand the different views and attitudes of our viewers.


The homepage offers you a view of all aspects of Core4. On the homepage you can see your profile, view surveys that are available to you, and participate in polls.


The news area of core4 keeps you up to date with the latest content within the panel as well as any other news/information that we think you will be interested to see.


This section lists all the surveys that are currently running on Core4, please feel free to answer as many surveys as are available – we’d love to know what you think and what makes YOU tick. From time to time you will receive emails through core4 asking you to take part in surveys. We aim to keep these surveys as short as possible and targeted to the right members.


There are quick questions that are topical and located on the homepage. Answer the poll and see the results so far...


This is a means of personalising your membership. Simply upload photos of yourself or an image under the ‘Edit Profile’ section, picture tab. Please ensure that the file you load is your own original work or you have the right or express consent of the owner to use it (please see Terms & Conditions for further information).

Useful information

The panel Terms & Conditions outline what it means to be a member of core4, what is expected of members and what should be avoided.If you would like more information on how your details will be used, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you would like more details on the core4 including how to join, what it means to be a member, the types of research you'll be asked to participate in and how often we are likely to contact you, please refer to the panel FAQs.If you have any further questions or would like some information not covered by the documents above, please get in touch using the contact details provided, we'll be happy to help!

Contact information

For all technical queries, general comments, or for suggestions on how to improve on the panel, please contact: core4@panel.edigitalresearch.com

If your query is to do with Channel 4 or their programming, please fill in this contact form here.